From the experience we have gained over the last couple of year we have been working in the recruitment industry, Organizations in Thailand face great difficulties with turnover rates. We want to minimize our client’s turnover rate while maximizing their retention rate.

We were faced with a major dilemma as not being physically present on a daily basis with our clients makes it difficult to analyze the work culture, work environment and managing changes the organization is going through. These changes affect the ways employees perform. Their reactions and methods can be managed appropriately if a best fit HR system is in place.

Our solution to the problem: We recruited well qualified HR professionals and freshly graduated students with HR background. These Individuals will firstly be shortlisted by our clients after which we will take them through an intense training process. This training will be provided to them during the duration of their induction process with our clients.

Every organization has different HR requirements; working with our clients line managers we will then identify current requirements and gaps in order to ensure that a best fit approached is being implemented. Every once a week we will require our HR Talent to report back to us with the progress of their implementations. We will then discuss any barriers they see which we will be able to help them out with. We will then train them according basic training structure, our client’s may request to alter the training requirement.

Their Basic training will involve:

1. Recruitment and Selection

2. Induction Process

3. Employee Engagement

4. Retention and Talent Management

5. Exit Interviews and Knowledge Transfer

6. Salary Mapping

These trainings are ongoing as we like to ensure that our HR Talent is up to date with current trend and changes. Our clients may wish to alter the training program according to their needs.