In Depth client Meeting

» To start the process off, staff from Prosper Recruitment will hold an in depth meeting with the clients. The purpose of this meeting is to gain a clear understanding of the client’s specific needs and requirements. There are two key elements to this stage.

» Firstly, to get a full understanding of the clients company and the industry it operates within, so that Prosper Recruitment staff can establish the working environment in which the prospective candidate will be working.

» Secondly, it enables Prosper Recruitment to agree on a specific job description for the position the client is seeking to fill.

Acquiring Candidates

» Having understood the requirements of the clients, Prosper Recruitment will then begin to target potential candidates to fill the vacant position. A number of techniques are employed in identifying suitable candidates.

» Prosper Recruitment selection process involves matching the credentials of the candidates to those of the vacant position as specified by the client. In order to find appropriate candidates to fill the vacancy Prosper Recruitment first searches through its extensive in-house resume database.

» If no suitable candidates are identified the Prosper Recruitment will advertise the vacant positions via its website and through other appropriate mediums such as:

» Networking and social Events.

» Job Fairs.

» Partnerships with other Recruitment firms.

Screening Process

» Prosper Recruitment carries out extensive in depth interviews and puts its candidates through a screening process. Prosper Recruitment compares the qualifications and skill sets of the candidates against which were agreed with the client, specifically assessing their strengths, weaknesses, language and communication skills and their future aspirations.

» The clients will then be provided with a shortlist of qualified candidates that Prosper Recruitment deem to meet the requirements of the clients. All candidates referred by Prosper Recruitment have had their references thoroughly checked.

Shortlist Candidates

» The short listed candidates are then presented to the client. The client will also be provided with a written report over viewing the candidate’s credentials along with specific recommendations from Prosper Recruitment. After the client has shortlisted candidates which they find suitable, Prosper Recruitment staff will then assist in setting up the final interviews.


» Once the client has finalized upon a candidate, Prosper Recruitment will then engage within negotiations with both the clients and candidate. Prosper Recruitment will assist both parties in negotiating a competitive and equitable compensation package for both the client and the candidate. Prosper Recruitment will be following up with both the client and the candidate during the probationary period in order to ensure a smooth transition for all parties involved.