Evenness, ageing resistance, weather ability, fungus resistance, environmental protection and chalking resistance.

Excellent abrasion strength and long service life excellent impact absorption which can avoid players being injured.

Controllable drainage system guaranteeing the high hydraulic permeability of turf.

Non directionality which can keep ball’s direction.Whole splicing surface making the turf unmovable.Passed ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

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We are Distributors and major suppliers of jute bags. We supply jute bag for potato farmers, wheat traders, coffee producers, rice suppliers, bean traders. We also supply quality jute bags for army, civil services, NGOs and construction companies.


» Jute is hundred percentage Bio-Degradable and recyclable therefore it is environmental friendly bag.

» Jute bag is high strength and breathable fabric.

» Jute can be easily blended with other fibres it could be natural sythetics or wool.

» Jute can retain high level of Moisturising.

» Jute is cost effective comparing with synthetic geo- textile.

» Vegetable oil treated bag which make food, vegetable, fruits or coffee fresh for long time.

» Re usable bag

» Industry can participate in CSR by using jute Bag

» Jute bag is tearing and hook damage resistance bag industries can use this as.

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